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It doesn't matter what other people think of you, it matters what you think about yourself.

Alice Rickard

Hi, I'm Alice Rickard

Life & Mindset coach, co-founder of The Journal Workout


This is my Story

 I left school and ended up working in Finance because anyone and everyone told me that was where successful people work. After a 5-year stint working at a hedge fund, I left to follow a passion for motivating people and became a trainer at one of London's top boutique gyms.

My successful career in fitness was interrupted when I fell pregnant with twins and suffered severe hyperemesis gravidarum, After giving birth to twins, my entire life had changed. I had lost my job due to covid, I had lost my freedom due to motherhood and I had lost myself as I no longer recognised who I was and what my purpose was. 

I spent a year working on myself, educating myself, creating tools and techniques to get UNSTUCK, and now my passion is to help other people who feel stuck in life, who feel frustrated and want something different from their life, but just arent sure how to get there.

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