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May 30, 2022

Before you skip reading this, know that everyone has limiting beliefs. We can not escape them, but we can overcome them. Growing up over the years, you will have had parents, teachers, friends, and people in your life who have told you you can not do something. Whilst this may have been for good reason, like protecting you or guiding you, it creates limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind that can build up and hold us back later in life. 

A limiting belief is any thought about yourself that prevents you from doing or having anything that you want. One of our most limiting beliefs is the notion that somehow we are not capable of achieving our goals. 

If we do not believe we can do something, then we rarely act upon those thoughts. There may be so many great experiences in your life you might miss out on because your beliefs about yourself are holding you back. 

Working on your limiting beliefs is like a CORE workout. It is an essential foundation for happiness and success, so let us jump straight to it. Here are 4 steps you can use to challenge your limiting beliefs and grow into a bigger bolder version of yourself Right Now!


1. Identify your limiting beliefs. Take some time to sit down and write down all the things that you usually start the sentences with 

"I can't..."

"I'm not sure I can"

"I'll never be..."

"I'll never have..."


2. Determine how the belief limits you. Write down next to the limiting belief how it is negatively impacting your life, and how it is stopping you from achieving what you really want or truly desire. Be honest and detailed. 


3. Decide how you want to be, act or feel. This may feel hard for some people, dreaming of how you want to be and what you want cant to be stilted by your own fears and limiting beliefs, so if you are struggling with this step, imagine you have a magic wand and you can BE, ACT or FEEL anyway you want. 

Spend some time, imagine you have erased your limiting beliefs, and write out how you want to feel and what you want in that area. 


4. Create a turnaround statement or affirmation that allows you to be and feel the way you desire. These statements should start with phrases like, "I am...", "I can...", "I believe...", "I know...". 

Write these down and even better say them out loud. The important part here is to really believe what you are saying. If you say them out loud but do not believe what you are saying, they will not take effect in your subconscious mind. Thought + Emotion = Change. 


I hope this has been helpful. If you want to delve deeper into your limiting beliefs, or what might be holding you back in your life, book in for a FREE 60-minute call with me, using the link below, to discover just that:


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