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4 Ways To Get More Energy

May 02, 2022



Hello. I hope you are well. Today, we're going to be talking about energy. A lot of people focus on time and think about the time they have and where they spend it. But it's much more beneficial to actually think about your energy, where you're spending it, and what you're getting back. So I'm going to run through four questions today that are going to hopefully bring more energy into your life. First of all, the reason that we're focusing on energy is time is an external resource. We can't control it. We all have the same amount of time in a day. We've all got 24 hours. We can't change that. So it's an external resource that we can't control. Energy is an internal resource. It's something that we can monitor, we can look at, can change, we can play around with. 


Now, I don't want you to focus on people just yet. So I want you to think about activities, foods, places, environments, tasks, just all the different things that you can think about that drain your energy. And the reason that I want you to explore this is you can see how much time you are giving to these things that are really draining. Is it something that you need to be spending so much time doing? Is it something that you can change? Is it something that you can approach differently? So it doesn't drain you so much. Being aware of what's draining us, allows us to actually increase our energy. So have a think about that.


So this is obviously a much more positive question and again, not focusing on people. So for example, it might be working out, going for a walk, the sunshine, whatever it is, whatever floats your boat, whatever's bringing that energy. Whatever's making you feel vibrant and good and excited and just full of beans, I want you to think about that. And again, once you've written down, what brings you energy, have a think about how much time you're allowing for these activities or places or whatever it is that are bringing you good energy and good vibrancy in life. Because these are the things that are essentially making you feel good. So you want to make sure that you've got more of them in your life.


Okay. Now we're moving on to people, who drain your energy? Now don't feel bad about this because I do this exercise with my clients a lot and often family comes up. So don't feel bad about it, just whoever it is and there'll be multiple different reasons for that. This isn't any criticism. It's just awareness around who drains your energy when you're around them, who takes a lot from you, who makes you feel less vibrant after you've seen them or requires a lot of you, it might be people at work, it might be your partner, it might be friends who are very demanding. Spend some time on question number three, who drains your energy?

And it's always good to ask the question why, why do they drain your energy? How does that make you feel? And having awareness around that.


Who brings you energy? Which people in your life really make you feel great after seeing them? When you are feeling a bit tired, a bit lethargic, or a bit bluh about the day, you see somebody, or you speak to somebody, or you have an interaction with someone and they leave you feeling super buzzed, and excited, and vibrant, and just full of energy. So write down a list of all those people. And this is a really good exercise because it actually will make you start to appreciate those people in your life more. Often something that we don't even really acknowledge is that these people are doing this for us, but they're so important in our lives. And we haven't even really taken stock or account of that.

So those are the four questions that I often use with my coaching clients. I call it THE ENERGY EDIT. It's something that I do personally every three months or so. And it just allows me to see how I'm spending my time, but what I'm getting out of it, which is more important or putting into it. So when you can see how you're spending your energy, then you can play around with it, and move things around, so it can give you more energy. If you see that you're spending a lot of time with somebody that's draining your energy and you're not doing the things that bring you loads of energy, this is how you can create more energy in your life. You can't change the amount of time you have to do things, but you can work on moving all of those pieces around.


The other thing to consider when we're thinking about energy, while we're on this topic is how much energy you give, how much energy you are giving to the things that you do or the people you are seeing. A lot of people I know feel guilt about not spending enough time with people. So for example, mom guilt, not spending enough time with your children, or even in this busy world we live in, not even having enough time for our friends, but I want you to think about this question... Would your friends or your children, whoever you have in mind rather have a 100% of your time or energy, because you could spend lots of time with them, spend an hour with them and only give them 20% of your energy, which wouldn't feel so great for them. But if you spent 10 minutes with them, and gave them a 100% of your pure focus and energy, that would feel amazing for them.

I want you to start shifting this thought of time being the most important factor and actually focusing on energy. Where are you getting your energy from? What is draining your energy? Who are you giving your energy to? What areas of your life are you giving energy to and how you can change that to have more energy?

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or message me on Instagram (@alicerickard_)

You'll see more of my blogs on my website. It's If you're after journal questions, check out I hope this has left you full of more energy. Have a brilliant day.


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