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A Morning Routine - What, Why, How?

morning routine Mar 07, 2022




All you're going to need is a flexible mindset, a piece of paper and a pen.

Before we get started, has anyone here who's watching this video got a morning routine already? Trick question. You all have a morning routine. Whether you like it or not, whether you think it's a good one or a bad one, we all have a routine. A routine is simply a stack of actions that happens one after another. So, I think all of you probably wake up at some point, get yourselves dressed, hopefully, brush your teeth. If that is it, that is your morning routine.

Why are morning routines so important? Every morning you wake up it's a new day. And I want you to start thinking about that. It is a new day. It's completely fresh. Start thinking about the new day, the same way you would the 1st of January, because it's the same concept. Yesterday is done, there is nothing you can do about it. Today is a whole new day. You don't know what is going to happen. Anything could happen and you need to prepare yourself for that. Sometimes really good things are going to happen to you in the day. Sometimes not so good things are going to happen to you. Having a morning routine in place, allows you to prepare for anything that's going to come at you throughout the day.

I have been through phases in my life where I've had my morning routine in place and also when I haven't, and I notice a huge difference. And I'm going to tell you what that difference is now. When I have a morning routine in place and I mentally prepare myself for the day, I respond to situations that happen. When I do not have a morning routine in place and situations happen in the day, I react not in a way that I choose. I quickly fire off. I get into a negative headspace. I moan I complain, it rolls into the next stage, the next problem. You stub your toe, you get angry, you go downstairs, the coffee's run out, then you're in a traffic jam, and everything spirals and it goes the wrong way.

The benefit of having a morning routine is it allows you to respond to those situations so they don't take over your whole day. They say, if you can win the first 15 minutes of your day, you can win the first hour. If you can win the first hour, you can win the day. Who here wants to have a good day? We all do, right? So, why are we not doing anything about it? If you want to have a good day, you've got to put in the work. You've got to do the workout. Don't expect to be fit without doing any running or gym workouts or yoga or whatever it is. We expect and we want so much, but we're not prepared to work for it. So, if you want a good day, you have to work for these things, and that is where the morning routine comes in.

How do I implement a morning routine? What do I need to be doing? One of the first things that I often say that will have a huge dramatic change in your life is not starting the day with your phone. I'm just going to say it again because I know so many of you are not going to want to hear that. Do not start your day with your phone. It will not create a good day for you. When you start your day with your phone, scrolling across through everybody's social media, emails, WhatsApp, you're not starting the day with you. You've already given your power to somebody else. You're already in their mindset. You're already consuming their information and not your own.

Why does that matter? Because if you're trying to prepare your mindset for the day and you're listening to everybody else's mindset, you're going to adapt that. It's the same way that they say you are who you spend your most time with. You absorb the energies of the people around you. That's the same on the phone. If you're reading their content before you've even brushed your teeth, you're going to be in their mindset. You're going to be on their wavelength. You're not picking and choosing the mindset that you want to start your day with.

So, please, if there's one thing, one thing that you take away from this workout, it is, do not start your day with your phone. Even if it's for one minute, even if you wake up and you just be aware of your thoughts, or you just breathe for a minute. Just take one minute, start with that. And one thing can become two, become three, and then I don't know how long. You'll start to see the benefits of not starting your day with your phone. What other things could I implement into a morning routine? So, the first is obviously getting rid of the phone so you have some time with yourself and then thinking about how you want your day to go.

How do I want to respond to things today? If shit hits the fan, if I do get stuck in traffic, if I do spill my coffee, if I do get an angry email from my boss, if my kids drive me up the wall, how do I want to respond? By taking time at the beginning of the day and thinking about how you want to respond. You are much more likely to respond in that manner. I have two toddlers. This is something that I have learned painfully myself. Before I used to wake up and I would literally scroll my phone and then go straight down to their room and look after them, and they would drive me up the wall. I had zero patience and I would take that out on them until I realized that's not fair. That's not fair.

I am reacting to everything they do. I get to choose how I react. I get to choose if I respond. Take some time in the morning to listen to yourself, whether that is meditation, whether that is just breathing, whether that is simply spending time without your phone. Second, prepare your mindset. Think about how you want to respond to situations that may or may not occur in your day. The third one that I think is really powerful because they say when you write things down, they are more likely to happen, is write it down. Write down what you're thinking. Write down how you want to think. Write down how you want to respond. Write down the person that you want to be today. Write down the thing that you need to do to make you happy.

A morning routine allows us to prepare to be the person that we want to be. A morning routine allows us to choose how we will respond to scenarios throughout the day. A morning routine gives us the opportunity to decide who we want to be on that day. A morning routine gives us so much power over how our day is going to go. If you want more information, you can follow me at For more journal prompts, check out I hope you have a brilliant day, evening, wherever you are.



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