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An Evening Routine - Everything you need to know

Apr 04, 2022



So what is an evening routine? How do I do it? Why do I do it? What are the benefits? Let's get straight into it. Everybody has an evening routine already. Whether you like it or not, you have an evening routine. Now I'm not judging anybody, but a lot of our evening routines might be to have some food, watch some Netflix, go upstairs, brush your teeth, wash your face, moisturize, get into bed, scroll on your phone, put down your phone, set your alarm. Turn your light off. That is an evening routine.

Now is that evening routine serving you? Probably not. Is it helping you with better sleep? Probably not. Is it helping you prepare for the day ahead? Is it helping you reframe your mindset on how the day went or how your day is going to go tomorrow? Definitely not. So for people who don't have time for a morning routine, or if you want to get super credits and extra points and you want to do an evening routine and a morning routine, amazing. An evening routine is a great place to start. It allows you to reflect on the day that you've just had and reframe situations. It provides you with a set time to work on your mindset. It gives the opportunity to let go of things that may still be causing you anxiety or frustration and by doing so sets you up for a much better sleep. The other part of an evening routine can be planning for the day ahead. A combination of letting the day go and being prepared for the next day is guaranteed to get you plenty of extra ZZZZs. 

So how do you do an evening routine? What are the things that you can do?

Journaling is a great way of adding something to your evening routine because it's an actual tangible thing that you can see and do. Whereas if you are just thinking about something, it's very hard just to implement a thinking habit like 'I'm going to spend some time sitting in my bed thinking about something'. If you are writing it down, you can see it clearly and literally transfer information from your mind to the piece of paper. So a great way to implement an evening routine that is going to help you is to spend time writing things down.

So what can you write down? You can write down how your day went. You can write down how you wish you had done something better. We have some amazing journal questions called END YOUR DAY on The Journal Workout, which is a whole evening routine completely, already packaged for you. Another thing you can do is prep your agenda for the next day, writing down what you have to do the next day. That allows you to take that worry out of your head of thinking about it during the night. 

Another thing that really helps with an evening routine is not looking at social media straight before you go to bed. I know I talk a lot about this in the morning, not starting your day, but equally, when you are going to bed if you are scrolling through everyone else's life, that is what you are going to be imprinting into your brain when you go to sleep. Everybody else's information, that's what you are taking with you. I think it was Mo Gawdat who said he only watches comedy before he goes to sleep because he basically wants to increase his happy hormones before he goes to sleep.

But it is true. It's really important what you are feeding your brain. In the same way, you wouldn't want to go and eat a shit load of sugar just before you sleep, because it would disturb your body and would wire you up, social media is the same. You are literally firing up your mind with other people's information that is not going to serve you. So less social media, none at all if possible. Journaling, working on your agenda, and even just prepping things the night before. I often prep my kid's breakfast the night before, or I have a coffee mug and my coffee upstairs in my bedroom ready for the next morning.

So it's just thinking about things that can actually help you prepare for the next day or help you with your sleep. It's that simple. I'm not going to tell you exactly what you should or should not be doing, it has to work for you. You have to create this yourself and it will work a lot better. But the question that I want to leave you with today is what I am doing at the moment, is it helping me or is it a hindrance to me? The things that I am doing in the evening at the moment before I go to bed, the routine I currently have, is it helping me or is it a hindrance?

Now if it is the latter, I want you to ask yourself how can I change it? That is what I'm going to leave you with today. If you have any other questions on this, please feel free to message me or you can contact me on my website. Or check out The Journal Workout - 'END YOUR DAY' - if you want that evening routine all packaged up, ready to go. Have a wonderful day or evening.



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