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How To Make Great Decisions

Apr 25, 2022


The most important Strategy to make Good Decisions

We are faced with hundreds of decisions every single day. A lot of them go unnoticed, we make them without even thinking, they are unconscious actions and habits we have adopted along the way. 

A decision is defined as a Conclusion After Consideration… 

‘Considering’ is just another word for thinking, so how are we best to think when trying to come to the best conclusions for ourselves. 

What do you need to know to make a great decision? 


How do you normally make decisions?


Each decision we make has a knock-on effect on the next one. If you have ever seen the movie sliding doors you will resonate with this. They are actually a lot more important than we give them credit for a lot of the time. So what are our options when it comes to making decisions? 

Today I’m going to take you through 6 different strategies for making decisions

 1. Rational -  Think of this as when you measure the pros or cons to each case. Looking at something in its most logic sense. 

 2. Intuitive -  This is when we make decisions on that ‘gut feeling’ we have. What feels right for you? 

 3. Relational - How will this affect the people around you? Who will it affect? Be it your friends, your family, your partners. 

 4. Alignment - How well does this decision align with your passion, your values and your calling? 

 5. Cost - Not necessarily always money but what would it cost int terms of time and resources. What would it cost if you don’t do this? 

 6. SELF LOVE - This I think is the most important way to make decisions and something I work on with my coaching clients all the time.


When you make a decision based on the love you have for yourself it is much more likely to bring positive conclusions into your life. 

If we always made decisions based on loving ourselves our lives would look very different.

When you truly love yourself or are working on loving yourself, you want the best for yourself, in all aspects of your life, family, friends, relationships, health, money, and your career. 

So start to ask yourself if I truly loved myself how would I make this decision?

For example, when you have a health and fitness plan and you are feeling too lazy to go workout, if you truly loved yourself you would make the decision to get to the gym because you know it would have a positive impact on yourself, you were acting out of a place of love. 

It is the same when you need rest and you need to say no to an event or party, what is the most loving decision for you at that moment. 

It will be different for everyone, but start questioning your decisions or even analyzing them sometimes. We go around making decisions so unconsciously 99% of the time we lose the power of designing our lives.

If we can start to notice HOW we make decisions we can start to CHANGE the way we make them. 

So start to think, start to consider how the conclusion will look for you. Be aware of how you are making your decisions, take a look at the different ways you can make them and then figure out what works best for you.

Have a great day.

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