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Manifesting v Goal Setting - How to win at both!

Apr 18, 2022


Are you a Manifester or a Goal Setter? But more importantly, somebody asked me this week, how can I trust that manifesting works? So I'm going to use both terms interchangeably because some people are goal setters and some people are manifesters. When there is something in your life that you want and that you're trying to bring into your life it's either through manifestation or it's through goal setting and a plan of action to get that.

So what are the steps and how can you trust that it's going to happen?

STEP ONE: Whether you're a manifester or a goal setter, you've decided you want something and you've put that thought or that goal out there into existence, either thinking it, writing it down, telling it to a friend, telling everybody on social media. Whatever it is, you have a goal, you have a manifestation, you have something that you want to bring in something that you want to come into your life.

STEP TWO: You need to plan on how that is going to happen. Now, this is something where manifesters might get a little bit wrong because they think, "Right, I've put that out to the universe. This is what I want. I'm going to sit on my ass and it's going to happen." Whereas goal setters are a bit more strategic about, for example, "What is the goal? How am I going to achieve it? What is the plan of action?"

So you DO have to work on whatever it is that you are trying to achieve. Take a  relationship for example. You can't just manifest somebody by saying, "I want a new husband next year." You're going to have to actually go on some dates or meet someone, or act on a previous friendship. Do you see how this works? Whereas a goal setter might say, "I want a husband next year. I'm going to plan to go on two bumble dates a week." It's a numbers game, and hopefully, that will bring it in. So these are the kind of differences that you might see between Manifesters and Goal Setters. But essentially, like I've said before, both of you want something, you're trying to bring it in.

STEP THREE: Now, the question is, how do I trust that that is going to happen? Now, this is something that goal setters don't do and manifesters are normally better at doing -  working on your limiting beliefs. What will hold you back from achieving things that you want in your life? Whether you are setting a goal or asking for a manifestation, either way, you ASK! The only way to receive is to make sure you aren't limiting or resisting yourself. So whether you are setting a goal or whether you are asking and calling in a manifestation, you have to make sure you are not limiting or resisting the thing that you are trying to receive.

So, as I always say, it always comes back to your thoughts. I've said it many times before on my blog, on social media, you have 60,000 thoughts a day, 80% of them are the same as yesterday. Are those thoughts benefiting you? Or are they resisting what you are trying to call in what you are trying to receive?

As an example, you are trying to call in a new man. Whether this is your goal or your manifestation, you want a new man by next year. So you have decided what you want. You do need to take some form of action. But what you really need to work on, the real key in the puzzle is the thoughts you are having. So what are you believing in this scenario? Everything that we think is essentially a made-up story. Is the story leading you to where you want to get to or is it pulling you further away?

For example, if you are trying to call in a new man and you are telling yourself, "I don't think I'm really going to find a boyfriend by the end of next year, because I've been on about 100 bumble dates in the last two years and I've not found anyone, so why am I now going to find someone?" You're already sending loads of signals, loads of messages to your brain that you do not think it is going to happen. Your thoughts affect your actions. Your thoughts affect your decisions. So if you are negatively thinking that something is not going to happen, that is going to affect how you act, what decisions, and what action steps you take towards that goal or manifestation. So you have to be aware of what you are thinking, how you are thinking about that topic in your life to be able to gain trust in knowing that it is going to happen.

If you already think that something is unlikely to happen, you don't trust that it is. You need to start learning to trust that it is going to happen. Because if you trust that it is, you are going to act completely differently. Your action steps will be different. Your habits will be different. The decisions you make around things that will affect your journey towards that goal are all going to be completely different. So the root, the root of goal setting, the root of manifestation, whatever you want to call it, is it always comes back to your thoughts. It always comes back to how you feel about that thing, about that topic, and most importantly, about yourself.

So back to the question, How do you trust that manifesting works? There is no magic wand that I can wave on you to make you trust that it's going to work. What you have to do is you have to start trusting yourself. You have to start trusting the thoughts around the thing that you want.

For some people, this might be really difficult. So this is your workout:


I need you to find what ONE thought that you do trust around your goal or manifestation.

There is a great example of somebody who wanted a Mercedes-AMG, they were trying to manifest it. (this was not me by the way lol) . They couldn't trust or envisage that they could really get this car. They just couldn't do it. It was too difficult for them. The thought they could trust was they could visualize seeing themselves sitting in it. Once you find a thought you can trust, it's much more likely to happen. Now, as a result, the person that I'm telling the story about did end up sitting in this car. It's a long-winded story. He actually ended up filming an advert in this car. So once they learned to trust that, "Oh, that came through, I thought about something I wanted. I changed my thoughts and my beliefs around that thing and then that thing happened. Now I have more trust in the way that that works. I have more trust in how the way I think impacts my actions, which impact the results that come into my life," then you can grow bigger trust. You can think of a bigger thought and you will affect your actions in a bigger way.

So as always, with anything, START SMALL. Think about the THOUGHTS that you can trust. Think about the things that you CAN believe in, and work on that. See a small result. It will build your confidence in that area. So in answer to your question, how can I trust if manifesting or the goals that I'm setting out are going to come towards me, are going to work for me, start small and think of the things you can trust in and work on growing it bigger and bigger.

I hope that was helpful. If you want more information, you can follow me at Otherwise, if you want any journal questions about this, check out Have a wonderful day.

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